Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Quest Records & Reporting rather than obtaining the records myself?

Quest Records & Reporting specializes in litigation support services. Using Quest Records & Reporting for records retrieval ensures you’ll get fast, efficient service, organized and complete records while allowing you to focus on billable tasks. Additionally, Quest Records & Reporting electronically archives all the records we obtain so you can easily provide additional copies and don’t need to worry about misplaced files.

Can Quest Records & Reporting obtain any type of records?

Yes. Some of the more common types of records requested are: patient medical and billing records, x-ray duplication, pharmacy records, employment and business records, worker’s compensation files, telephone records, bank records, driving records, academic records, social security records, IRS tax records and more. If you have a question about a specific type of record, contact us via email or by phone at 214-828-2757 or toll free at 866.415.8838.

How long does it take to get records?

Our systematic approach ensures a turnaround time of within 30 days 94 percent of the time. Social Security and IRS tax records routinely require more time.

When you say you provide full-service reporting, what does that mean?

It means with one call you can cover it all; we can:

  • Prepare and serve subpoenas with depositions
  • Find and reserve locations for out-of-town depositions
  • Provide videographers for depositions
  • Provide interpreters for depositions
  • Pick-up discovery documents from opposing counsel, copy, BATES stamp and return
  • Pick-up and file client’s motions and/or lawsuits in court
  • Schedule depositions for tomorrow, next week or next month
  • If you need a reporter immediately, we will do everything possible to make it happen

How long does it take to get transcripts?

Standard turnaround time is within 10 days.

Will Quest Records & Reporting provide me with costs for approval in advance?

Yes. At Quest Records & Reporting, we are as cost-conscious as you are which is why we are proud to offer the most straightforward and competitive pricing in the industry. Call us for details.

Can Quest Records & Reporting direct-bill my client?

Yes. Once you provide us with the necessary information, we can direct bill on all subsequent orders placed. (Unfortunately, we cannot direct bill individuals involved in family law matters.)