Records on Demand

Quest Record’s proprietary Records on Demand is the easiest to use web-based transcripts and records retrieval system in the industry.

Status & Tracking

Records on Demand keeps a record of all requests and allows you real-time access to track and view the status of any request, anytime.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

You can view transcripts and records in your password-protected, secure account anytime and from any computer.

Easy Access/Organization

Unlike competitive systems where your electronic records are delivered to you in one very large PDF requiring you to laboriously scan and scroll through dozens of files to find what you’re looking for, at Quest Records each file is organized chronologically for quick easy access.

Record Archival

Records on Demand stores your records and transcripts so you don’t have to. You never have to worry about unavailable or misplaced files; all records are digitally archived in an easily searchable format until your case settles or the trail is completed.

File Sharing with Adjusters

Now when someone else needs access to records and transcripts you don’t have to make more copies or deal with delivery services – access is just a user name and password away. You can even view files simultaneously while discussing them on the phone.